Kaikoura Earthquake

Just after midnight on the 14th November 2016, Kaikoura was hit with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. The damage to land, infrastructure, houses and commercial property was widespread and severe.

Straight after the quake, focus was on making buildings and the general area safe and removing major and minor hazards and looking after the community and rural areas.

Here at LMC Building, we have been heavily involved in the aftermath, removing chimneys from rooftops and making good the damage done when they fell. We have also been making both the Primary School and High School safe for the return of students. The High School was particularly damaged with block wall cladding having to be removed and replaced with a temporary plywood cladding until decisions are made going forward. LCM Building not only coordinated the local and outside labour, we also procured materials to make the areas completely safe for use. As there was no road transport due to all the roads being closed due to earthquake damage, the job was made just that more difficult.

As the majority of emergency work is now completed, we are moving into the repair period. Insurance assessors are talking with their clients and working their way through the multitude of claims and damaged properties. As this continues, we are taking a proactive role by giving advice and working with householders and business owners to make sure the progress they expect, happens.

If you need any assistance please let us know. We have the expertise and local knowledge on offer and have all the trades and sub-trades at our disposal.

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