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LMC Building & Construction Ltd

Luke has always been the practical type – he enjoys making things and finding solutions to problems. Whether it is building a powered boat not much bigger than a wheelbarrow, or a two storey, six bedroom home – the process of looking for practical, efficient solutions are essentially the same.

After seven years building in Dunedin, Luke returned home to Kaikoura and established LMC Building & Construction Ltd in 2007. LMC Building & Construction is a family run business who has some really top notch people on the team. We understand that building is one of the biggest investments you may make, so we want to make sure that you get the personalised service you deserve for your project; from start to finish.

We specialise in:

*new residential homes

*commercial builds and fit-outs


*earthquake repairs

*additions and alterations

*decking, fences, paths and other landscape projects

We work together with brilliant designers and a great team of subcontractors that are located here in Kaikoura; so we can help you find the right fit for your plan/ideas.


Why us?

We offer a comprehensive and professional service for all construction work.

You can choose from a quoted, fixed price contract or an open book “do and charge” service; depending on your job and your requirements. We can talk you through the options to see what could work best for you.

Working arrangements are flexible; we can manage the project from start to finish, demystifying health and safety, compliance codes and building regulations. This leaves you free to be as involved or as removed as you want to be. Regardless of how you prefer to proceed, we pride ourselves on keeping you “in the loop” every step of the way. We are always keen to tackle new things, so let us problem solve for you!

As our tag line says “Your Build, Our Expertise”

As Licensed Building Practitioners, LMC Building & Construction offers a comprehensive 10 Year Halo guarantee on your new build.



The Team


Luke ChambersForeman and Company Manager 

Luke runs all of the day to day operations, but his preferred place is on site, in the thick of it. He is usually accompanied by a small brown dog named Bruce – Bruce thinks he is 2nd IC, but he officially just sits in the work truck and runs security from the comfort of his seat. Luke has been building professionally for 17 years and Bruce has headed security for nearly 10 years.

Evan ClaridgeForeman and Apprentice Trainer

Evan is an experienced builder with over 10 years in the industry; he is organised and very approachable – keeping a tight rein on the running of current jobs.  He is in charge of apprentice training, quality control, organising subcontractors, building inspections and making sure all materials are where they should be at the right time. Whew!

Bill Gray – Experienced Builder

Bill is a jack of all trades; not only is he a qualified builder with several years experience, so you can be assured your job is in very capable hands with Bill!  He is also the technical whizz on the team; running and building websites and now helping in the office, If you also need some technical skills in your life, find him here at Host Me Plus

Dan KerinsCarpenter

After working as a very capable hammer hand for us during the busy post-quake period here in Kaikoura; Dan decided he might as well add some qualifications to those skills! He is also a brilliant photographer and wordsmith – his latest work “Aftermath” captures the Kaikoura Earthquake in a raw and real manner. Check it out at dankerinsphotography.com.

Taylah Genet – Building Apprentice

Taylah spent time on work experience with us, and has shown herself to be very keen to learn all aspects of the trade. She came on board as an apprentice and has excelled. She now keeps everyone in line

Steve Dewit – Carpenter

Steve joins us from Canada and is currently helping around the sites with any building work that is required

Hamish Oakeshott – Currently our “jack of all trades” and Building Apprentice

Hamish is well known as a painter and is now working for us in a carpentry sense and has started his carpentry apprenticeship (although we throw a few painting requirements his way too)

Nathan TaylorCarpenter
Nathan is the latest Carpenter to join our ranks. He has found his feet quickly and is creating good all round work.

Nicola Chambers – Office Administrator

Nicola works more in the office each day now, as LMC Building & Construction has grown. While Luke still takes the bulk of the office work, she juggles some typing, with wrestling a toddler, two children and a coffee (with varying degrees of success). In a past life she worked as a Primary School Teacher, so apologies if she sounds a bit bossy from time to time. Old habits die hard.


Also our Building Contractor – Carlin Chambers is fully involved and offers us a full service,

LMC Building and Construction also has a reliable team of Specialist Trades to compliment the LMC Building team in all facets of Building Work.


All of this means, our clients are getting the best crews available. During these Covid times, we have been able to keep all our sites moving forward by working in smaller teams, even if they are on the same site.




We look forward to hearing from you!

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